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Glass art highlighted by Definitive Concepts Lighting Design in virginia beach




Proper lighting is essential in elevating architectural features and enhancing in-home experiences. Whether it's a quiet night in or you're hosting a grand event, lighting is thoughtfully considered to create an ambiance that effortlessly transitions to your needs. By illuminating both your home's interior and exterior spaces we bring elegance and sophistication to life. Definitive Concepts' treats your artworks and sculptures as museum-worthy displays, skillfully concealing light sources be it walls or cabinetry. Our designs intricately weave layers of light throughout your space, offering complete control through smart technology to craft desired moods and manipulate environments. With our expertise, light breathes life into your home, transforming it into a dynamic and inviting sanctuary.


'As built' CAD drawing featuring lighting design

Definitive Concepts approaches lighting design with unparalleled precision and innovation. Each lighting design project receives a comprehensive AutoCAD drawing, integrating audio/video, security, and lighting controls seamlessly according to the project scope. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the lighting system harmonizes with the home's structure and functionality.


Moreover, Definitive Concepts goes above and beyond by including Structural and HVAC overlays in the lighting designs at no extra cost, preemptively identifying conflicts before construction begins. This commitment to thoroughness culminates in the delivery of an 'as-built' drawing upon project completion, providing homeowners with a blueprint that encapsulates the essence of their meticulously designed and illuminated living spaces.

circular personal library with a piano and soft glow lighting


Eliminate the clutter of multiple switches with a single device that has engraved buttons. Come home to a lit house by sunset year-round, with one click adjust all the lights to entertain. Automatically adjust lighting throughout the evening to account for your circadian rhythm, subtley preparing your body for the best night's rest. Set the mood for any occasion with ease from anywhere in the house.

savant iphone app lighting control
savant iphone home automation control
outer banks pool deck with landscape lighting
virginia beach home landscape lighting by definitive concepts


Stay outside longer with lighting that transforms outdoor spaces into inviting havens that the whole family can enjoy. As the sun dips below the horizon each summer evening, the backyard transforms into a captivating retreat illuminated by the gentle glow of landscape lighting. Soft lights strategically positioned poolside, among lush foliage, and along winding pathways to name a few create a magical ambiance, casting enchanting shadows, highlighting the natural beauty, and evoking the allure of a luxury resort.

Not only does landscape lighting extend the usability of outdoor living areas, it creates a safer environment. Leave your home lit while away on vacation to deter crime. Automatically illuminate driveways and docks when a guest arrives shining a light for your visitors.

virginia beach lighting design featuring fairytale rustic lanterns
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